Big Block Killer Krate

Muscle Motors Proudly presents its big block Killer Krate engine.  This pump gas ground pounder is equally at home on the street as on the track.  650 HP and 650 ft/lbs of torque makes this combination a killer in anyone’s book.  All of that power achieved with a hydraulic cam, pump gas and 950 CFM Quick Fuel carburetor (optional item at an additional charge).  Add a custom solid ground camshaft (at additional cost) and power skyrockets to achieve 675+ HP & 685 torque.

All on pump gas!

No exotic (read: expensive) parts or components were used in this combination.  This is just a well thought out, well executed engine based on our years of winning races & national championships.

We start with our tried and true 505-stroker kit using a 440 block. 4340 steel crank and rods, forged piston, Akerly & Childs rings, and Michigan 77 bearings.  All components are carefully measured, machined and balanced to create a bulletproof rotating assembly.  A well-seasoned block is then carefully inspected and fully machined.  All critical surfaces are machined to Muscle Motors specifications to ensure maximum performance and reliability.  The block is bored and Honed with deck plates, ARP main studs are installed and the block is align honed.  Enlarging of oil galleys, and parallel decking keep everything sealed and running smoothly. Finally the short block is washed and prepped for final assembly.  All clearances are verified, ring gaps set, crank, rods and pistons installed.  The cam is center lined to make sure every Muscle Motors Krate motor is a Killer!  Fel Pro gaskets are used throughout the entire engine. The short block is completed with an oil pan, pick up tube, high volume oil pump, timing cover, hardened distributor drive and a new vibration dampner.


For the top half we start with Indy EZ cylinder heads.  EZ high flow intake and exhaust ports mate up with stock type components making them a great starting point.  No special headers or complicated valve train components are required.  We then have our experienced cylinder head technicians port the EZ heads for maximum airflow.  Porting is then flow bench verified.  The heads are then treated to a five-angle valve job.  Heads are assembled with stainless steel one-piece valves (2.190/1.810) and Comp Cams springs, 10-degree locks and retainers, and spring locator cups.  A custom ground Comp Cams camshaft handles all of the valve actuation. Roller rockers (with stock offsets) and 0.080 wall chrome moly pushrods complete the rock solid valve train.

You have a choice of single or dual plane intakes with cast aluminum valve covers as the finishing touches on our Killer Krate. 
With over 500 ft/lbs of torque available from 2200 to 6500 RPM utilizing pump gas, a hydraulic cam for ease of maintenance all of which makes the Muscle Motors Killer Krate engine a must have for any deserving Mopar.

Wide lists of options allow us to customize any Krate engine to suit your individual performance needs.  A big block Killer Krate is available complete from intake to oil pan for the everyday low price of $11,799.

Some options include: 

NSS Option: Cross ram intake, linkage, carbs, Spacers, fuel fittings from $2799
Flat top pistons for increased compression  (no charge)
Solid cam and lifters: over 700 HP on pump gas Add $200
All components to upgrade to a roller cam  Add $800
400 Block Add $200          
Gear Drive Add $550
Stud Girdle (installed) Add $300
Aluminum water pump and housing Add $169
Electric Meziere water pump with inlet & outlets Add $479
Sheet metal valve covers Add $250
Your Killer Krate with wires and MSD distributor, NGK spark plugs, 950 CFM Quick Fuel carburetor, and a complete dyno session where the cam is run in, oil is changed and a series of dyno pulls are used to determine optimum timing and jetting Add $2099