BB King Krate

Big Block King Krate

Muscle Motors proudly introduces its biggest and badest pump gas engine EVER!  The King Krate is the latest engine in our very popular series of “Killer Krates”.  With 622 cubic inches of ground pounding, axle shredding power, you are sure to become very good friends with your local tire man.

We start with Mopar Performance’s new performance engine block made by World Products.  The King Krate has a 4.560 bore and a 4.750 stroke.  Dished Ross pistons with Akerly & Childs rings keep the cylinders sealed to produce more torque than you can imagine.  A 7.100 long H-beam rod with ARP 2000 rod bolts connect the cylinder pressure to the crankshaft.  An aluminum oil pan with a single line external Muscle Motors oil system keep everything well lubricated.

We use B1 heads for the King Krate for a number of reasons. The big ports will usually kill bottom end torque but with a 4.75 stroke and 622 cubic inches the heads are a perfect for the King Krate. We fill the heads with stainless steel valves, 10 degree locks & retainers, roller cam valve springs and roller rockers. The heads are bowl ported and flow over 400 SFM. The cam is a proprietary grind done for us by Comp Cams and is under 0.700 lift for durability.  A large single 4 barrrel intake and sheet metal valve covers finish off the heads.

And now the nitty gritty: 915 HP @ ONLY 6000 RPM and 882 ft/lbs torque @ 4500 RPM! Think about this: The KING makes over 700 HP @ 4200 RPM, 800 HP @ 4800 RPM and 900+HP @ 5700 RPM! it makes over 800 ft/lbs torque from 3000-6000 RPM!!!! Talk about torque monster, The KING also make OVER 800 ft/lbs torque from 3000-6000 RPM!!!!! Got Torque? We do!!!

Complete King Krate from intake to oil pan: $17,999

Hemi top half, “Hemi King Krate” (built as a 604 cubic inch engine) $2000
T&D single shaft rocker upgrade $550
Hydraulic roller cam (a little less power but no maintenance) $300
Quick Fuel 1050CFM carburetor built to Muscle Motors spec’s $1000
MSD distributor, hold down and wires $459
Vacuum pump system complete and installed $1200
Dyno test (oil, fuel and plugs included) $750
Additional options such as CNC porting available (call for pricing)