BB Street Krate with optional valve covers

Big Block Street Krate

Muscle Motors proudly presents our Street Krate engine series.  This is another bulletproof, ground pounding stroker Krate engine for the more budget minded enthusiast.  These stock appearing 383/400/440 based strokers are 500 cubic inch pump gas animals.  They use stock style aluminum heads and a hydraulic cam with a non-adjustable valve train for low maintenance and cost.  With 550 HP and over 600 ft/lbs of torque, this stock appearing pump gas torque monster is at home in any Mopar!

We start with a 4340 steel crank and rods, KB forged pistons, Clevite 77 bearings, Akerly & Childs rings are balanced and measured to exacting tolerances.  This creates a bulletproof rotating assembly just like we have thousands (literally) of times before.  Just like all of our Performance engines, this Street Krate receives a complete “race prepped” block.  This ensures excellent performance and reliability for all applications.  We start by magnafluxing and sonic checking to ensure a quality block.

Approximately 1 in 5 blocks are rejected as unacceptable and sold as scrap.  For blocks that meet our rigorous standards, all critical surfaces are machined to exacting tolerances and QC (quality control) checked.  Cylinders are bored and honed with deck plates, main bores are align honed with ARP main studs installed.  Our oil system modifications are designed for increased oil delivery for maximum durability.  Deck surfaces are milled parallel and square.  All holes are bottom tapped and the cam bores are honed to proper size for a perfect cam fit EVERY time!

At this point, the prepared components are sent to the assembly department.  Clearances are verified and the short block is then assembled.  Ring gaps are filed and recorded and the cam is center-lined.  Fel Pro gaskets are use throughout the entire engine.  The short block is finished off with a 6 qt Hemi oil pan, windage tray, chrome timing cover and new vibration dampner.

For the top half, we use an aluminum aftermarket head.  New rocker shafts, non-adjustable arms and pushrods are installed.  These heads will flow over 275 CFM @ 0.550 lift and provide more than enough air to make 550+ HP AND 600+ ft/lbs of torque!  A dual plane Edelbrock Performer RPM intake provides awesome power, yet is very drivable.  This means you will have tons of power on tap and still be able to cruise as far as your heart desires.

This is a great combination for anyone wanting a low maintenance/high performance engine.  A engine that appears to be a relatively stock 383/400/440 with aluminum heads that is really a fire breathing, tire frying, 500 cubic inch pump gas animal.  This animal is ready to shut down any brand “X” or rice burner it comes across and still be driven to the Mopar Nationals.  This complete, ready to go, engine from intake to oil pan is available for $8,499!  We can also provide all accessories and dyno tuning for a ready to drop in engine for an additional charge.  See option list for details.


Flat tappet solid cam upgrade (spring, cam, lifters, adjustable rockers, pushrods) add $550
Hydraulic roller upgrade add $1200
MSD billet distributor add $339
MSD wires add $129
Dyno, includes break in cam, oil change, optimize timing and jetting and dyno fuel add $750
Cast MM logo valve covers with breathers add $300
Quick Fuel carb, studs and fuel line from $679
Aluminum water pump and housing add $169
Pulleys & brackets available (call for application)