BB Top Krate

Big Block Top Krate

The latest edition to our “Killer Krate” engine series is the Top Krate.  The Top Krate is a competition only engine that is designed for Top Sportsman/Top Dragster and Quick 16/32 racing.  Over the years, we have tried every conceivable engine combination and have come to the conclusion that our 596 cubic inch package is the best “bang for the buck” for a competition engine.

We start with the Mopar Performance Siamese bore block.  We achieve 596 cubic inches with 4.530 bore forged Ross pistons and a 4.625 stroke Callies crankshaft.  A 4.625 stroke is used because it is the largest stroke that fits with aluminum rods in a standard cam height block.  You can run up to a 4.750 stroke with a steel rod in a standard cam block, however, since these engines are most likely going to see nitrous oxide, I strongly recommend R&R billet aluminum rods.  A Muscle Motors billet timing chain, dual line oil system and pan finish up the short block and keeps everything properly lubricated.

The heart of any internal combustion engine is the cylinder heads.  We use THE BEST flowing cylinder heads for big block Mopars, the Predator cylinder head (by Indy).  This head features symmetrical intake and exhaust ports (IE: Pro Stock) capable of flowing over 525 CFM when we CNC port them.  We actually have two proprietary intake port programs.  The standard port utilizes 2.400 intake and 1.850 exhaust valve sizes.  The large CNC port program uses a 2.450 intake valve (titanium required).  The small intake runner measures 440 cc’s, the large port measures 480 cc’s.  The valves are actuated by T&D rocker arms that are available in 1.75, 1.80 and 1.90 rocker ratios.  These rocker arms have no offset which makes them very stable at high engine speeds.  We have raced them for years on engines with valve springs that have 450 psi seat pressure, over 0.950 cam lift and turning over 8500 RPM with no failures!  The rest of the valve train (retainers, locks, springs, spring cups, cam and lifters) are supplied by Comp Cams.  These are all bulletproof components that ensure durability which wins races!!  Our standard Top Krate comes with a 1x4 cast intake manifold (2x4 optional) and sheet metal valve covers.

Performance: Our single 4-barrel Top Krate makes 1150 HP @ 7400 RPM and 900 ft/lbs torque @ 5700 RPM.  This should propel any 1850 lb dragster to the 6.90’s-7.0 range on a naturally aspirated motor in decent air.  Adding a single stage and 6.50’s are no problem!  A 2350 lb door car should run 7.40’s-7.50’s all motor and 6.90’s on a single stage.  All of this performance can be had (intake to oil pan) for $24,999.


Quick Fuel QFX Muscle Motors spec’ed carb from $1100
Dyno test (oil, plugs and fuel included) add $750
Tunnel Ram 2x4, linkage, regulator, two carbs, lines & fittings from $1650
Single stage fogger, plumbed, complete (no bottle) add $1600
Titanium Valve upgrade add $700 (per 8 valves) 
Gear Drive add $550