Crate Engines

SB Street Krate

Muscle Motors Small Block Street Krate

This is the small block version of our tried and true Street Krate.  This 440 HP, 500 ft/lb torque small block is well mannered enough to drive across country yet can be obnoxious enough to get the attention of the local Sherriff if you want to misbehave!  We start with a 360 block and do our usual race preparation of the block.  This includes a sonic check of the cylinders, align honing the crankshaft journals, parallel decking, and cylinder boring and honing with deck plates to ensure a precision machined, durable short block.  We then install one of our pump gas, street 4 inch stroker rotating assemblies.  This cast crank kit is cost effective and is practically bulletproof under 5500 RPM.  The forged I beam is light weight and helps these engines rev faster than a 340! Since this is a “Street” engine we design the cam to reach top power and torque by 5500 RPM so it works great with 3.23 gears.  With the 4 inch stroke and more than 440 HP, these engines make AWESOME torque yet fit where are 318 might have been.  Can you say sleeper?  We then finish filling the short block with a Comp Cams timing chain, camshaft and lifters.  A Melling oil pump keeps everything lubricated and a Mopar Performance distributor drive and timing chain tensioner keeps everything timed properly.  A new oil pan and pick up complete the bottom end.  All assembly information is recorded on a build sheet by one of our experienced engine assemblers.  Anyone who assembles an engine here @ Muscle Motors has over 20 years of experience!!

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BB Top Krate

Muscle Motors Big Block Top Krate!

The latest edition to our “Killer Krate” engine series is the Top Krate.  The Top Krate is a competition only engine that is designed for Top Sportsman/Top Dragster and Quick 16/32 racing.  Over the years, we have tried every conceivable engine combination and have come to the conclusion that our 596 cubic inch package is the best “bang for the buck” for a competition engine.

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Muscle Motors Big Block Killer Krate


Muscle Motors Proudly presents its big block Killer Krate engine.  The pump gas ground pounder is equally at home on the street as on the track. 650 HP and 650 ft/lbs of torque makes this combination a killer in anyone’s book.  All of that power achieved with a hydraulic cam, pump gas and 950 CFM Quick Fuel carburetor (optional item at an additional charge).  Add a custom solid ground camshaft (at additional cost) and power skyrockets to achieve 675+ HP & 685 torque.

All on pump gas!

No exotic (read: expensive) parts or components were used in this combination. This is just a well thought out, well executed engine based on our years of winning races & national championships.

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BB Street Krate with optional valve covers

Muscle Motors Big Block Street Krate

Muscle Motors proudly presents our BB Street Krate engine series. This is another bulletproof, ground pounding stroker Krate engine for the more budget minded enthusiast. These stock appearing 383/400/440 based strokers are 500 cubic inch, pump gas animals that uses stock style heads and a hydraulic cam withnon adjustable valve train for low maintenance and cost. With 550 HP and over 600 Ft/lbs of torque, this stock appearing pump gas torque monster is at home in any Mopar!

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Muscle Motors Small Block Killer Krate

SB Killer Krate

The SB Killer Krate is an awesome pump gas monster guaranteed to surprise any unsuspecting big block.  These combinations regularly make over 500 HP and 525 ft-lbs of torque with a hydraulic cam & pump gas.  That’s big block power out of a small block.

 We still follow our concept of not needing trick components, just well thought out and executed combinations with quality parts and machining.

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Muscle Motors Big Block King Krate

BB King Krate

Muscle Motors proudly introduces its biggest and baddest pump gas engine EVER!  The King Krate is the latest engine in our very popular series of “Killer Krates”.  With 622 cubic inches of ground pounding, axle shredding power, you are sure to become very good friends with your local tire man.

 We start with Mopar Performance’s new performance engine block made by World Products.  The King Krate has a 4.560 bore and a 4.750 stroke.  Dished Ross pistons with Akerly & Childs rings keep the cylinders sealed to produce more torque than you can imagine.  A 7.100 long H-beam rod with ARP 2000 rod bolts connect the cylinder pressure to the crankshaft.  An aluminum oil pan with a single line external Muscle Motors oil system keep everything well lubricated.

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Hemi Street Krate

Muscle Motors Hemi Street and Killer Krate

This is another one of our very powerful, performance minded and value conscious engines in our Killer Krate engine series.  Every Chrysler guys’ ultimate engine has always been and will always be a Hemi.  With this in mind, we designed our Hemi Killer Krate to run on pump gas, have all the power you would ever need for a street car, while keeping value and cost in mind.  This is the same basic engine that we competed with and almost won the 2005 Mopar Muscle engine building challenge.

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