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Short Block Street Killer Krate - Crate Engine

MMR Small Block Street Killer Krate

This is the small block version of our tried and true Street Killer Krate. This 440 HP 500ft/lb small block is well mannered enough to drive across country yet can be obnoxious enough to get the attention of the local Sherriff you want to misbehave! We start with 360 block and do our usually race prep. Sonic check, align hone, parallel deck, bore and hone with deck plates to ensure a precision machined, durable short block. We then install one of our pump gas, Street 4” stroker rotating assemblies. This cast crank kit is cost effective and is practically bulletproof under 5500 RPM’s. The forged I beam is light weight and helps these engines rev faster than a 340! Since this is a “Street” engine we design the cam to be all done by 5500 RPM so it works great with 3.23 gears. The 4” stroke in more than a 440, these engine make AWESOME torque yet fit where are 318 might have been, can you say sleeper? We then finish filling the short block with Comp Cams timing chain, camshaft and lifters. A Melling oil pump keeps everything lubricated and a Mopar Performance distributor drive and timing chain tensioner keeps everything timed properly. A new oil pan and pick up complete the bottom end. All assembly information is recorded on a build sheet by one of our experienced engine assemblers. Anyone who assembles an engine here @ Muscle Motors has over 20 years of experience!!

For an engine to perform it HAS to be able to breath! That is why, for the top half of the engine we use the new Indy/RHS cast iron heads. These can be used as a traditional “LA” or “Magnum” cylinder head configuration. We elected to use the LA configuration for the ultra low maintenance non adjustable Mopar Performance rocker arms. With 2.02/1.60 stainless steel valves these heads flow over 265 cfm @ .600 lift out of the box! They also have all of the factory mounting holes for any and all bracket configurations. We set the heads up with 10 degree locks and retainers and dual springs to clear up to.550 lift solid of hydraulic cam. A dual plane, air gap style intake make sure this Krate has endless throttle response and makes tons of stump pulling torque. This intake also works well at higher engine speeds. This is ideal for early weekend mornings after you wash your pride and joy. You need the top end speed to “blow all of the water out of seams and door jams.” At least that’s the story I use if a law enforcement official disapproves of my actions and feels the need to stop and me to express his disapproval! Just like all of our Krate engines, Fel Pro gaskets and ARP fasteners are used thru out the entire engine to keep everything sealed up tight.

These engines are proven combinations that come complete but we do offer a large selection of options. Things such as dyno testing, carbs &fuel system, ignition system, brackets, pulleys, etc are available to complete or customize your engine. A SB Street Krate from intake to oil pan is $5,999