Hemi Street Krate

Hemi Street and Killer Krate

This is another one of our very powerful, performance minded and value conscious engines in our Killer Krate engine series.  Every Chrysler guys’ ultimate engine has always been and will always be a Hemi.  With this in mind, we designed our Hemi Killer Krate to run on pump gas, have all the power you would ever need for a street car, while keeping value and cost in mind.  This is the same basic engine that we competed with and almost won the 2005 Mopar Muscle engine building challenge.

First we start off with a brand new Mopar Performance Hemi engine block.  Even though this is a brand new piece, all sizing and clearances are verified and corrected as necessary.  We then prepare one of our 4340 steel 4.150 crankshafts (with 8 bolt flange) and 6.86 long rods with correct 1.031 Hemi wrist pins and forged Diamond pistons.  We finish the rotating assembly with Akerly & Childs piston rings and chamfered bearings.  We have switched to King bearings due to their superior quality control and sizing.  The rods and pistons are equalized to a tolerance of less than 0.2th’s of one gram.  The entire crank is then computer balanced to a tolerance of less than 1 gram.  The block is washed and painted and brass freeze plugs are installed.  The short block is sent to assembly where clearances are again verified and recorded, rings filed, and the crank, rods and pistons are installed.  We then install our Muscle Motors designed Comp Cams camshaft with our Muscle Motors Billet timing chain (w/Torrington thrust bearing).  The cam is then set to the proper cam centerline.  A Mopar Performance chrome timing cover, fuel pump block off, windage tray are installed with a 7 qt Milodon oil pan.  To make pulley alignment easier we use a brand new steel vibration dampner that is a stock 440 width.  On to the heads.  We use the Edelbrock Victor aluminum Hemi head for our 528 cubic inch Hemi Killer Krate.  This head has been redesigned to improve flow over the stock head while still maintaining all stock external dimensions.  The solid bronze guides are honed to exacting tolerances and Stainless Steel 2.30/1.94 valves are installed.  CNC head porting is available to increase performance for an additional charge (see options list).  Roller tip rocker arms and new rocker stands and shafts are assembled and spaced properly to obtain the best possible rocker arm geometry.  Pushrod length is then determined and heavy wall 3/8” pushrods are custom made.  Roller tip rockers are physically bigger than the original pad type rockers.  Because of this ALL roller tip rockers will have interference issues with factory type chrome or black wrinkle valve covers.  For this reason we use high quality cast aluminum valve covers.  They clear any rocker and seal valve covers MUCH better than and stamped steel cover!  For our base Krate engine we use a Mopar Performance single 4 barrel, dual plane intake manifold.  Single plane, in line two 4’s and cross rams are available at an additional charge.  Fel Pro gaskets are utilized throughout the entire engine with ARP fasteners for the utmost in quality and reliability.

The option list is quite long for Hemi’s.  We believe this to be true because people are trying to accomplish so many different things.  Some just want a Hemi as cost effective as possible.  Some want maximum performance as long as it runs on pump gas.  Others are looking to recreate a certain period “look”.  We are willing and able to handle any and all of these requests.  MM is always more than happy to make sure you get the EXACT engine you want.  High quality machine work, professional & meticulous assembly, quality components are common in all of our Krate engines.  Cam, intakes and even strokes are easily changed to suit any specific need.  If you have any specific questions or if you want something you do not see listed here please call us @ 888-482-4900.  We are able to handle any and all reasonable requests.

Our 528 cubic inch Hemi Killer Krate will make 650+ HP & Torque and is available for $18,999.

Our 426 cubic inch Street Hemi Krate. 490/490 HP/Torque from $14,999 call for details.

A cubic inch, roller cammed, crossram Killer Krate can make upwards of 800 HP on pump gas!

Our baddest Pump gas Hemi made 950 HP with a single dominator carb.  It finished 7th in the 2006 Hot Rod magazine pump gas drags and has gone 8.80’s in a 3800 lb car with a 275 HP nitrous plate!  If you want it, and it can be done with a Hemi, we can do it!!!    
Options List:

MSD Distributor add $339
Custom Plug Wires add $299
Solid cam w/spring update from $200
Roller cam w/lifter and spring update from $800
Hydraulic roller cam and lifter & additional block labor add $1000
Quick Fuel carbs (start at) $589
ATISFI balancer add $300
Dyno engine, break in cam, oil change, fuel add $750
572 cubic inch upgrade 7.1 rod, custom piston, 4.500 crank add $500
Sheet metal valve covers (upgrade) add $350
Aluminum water pump and housing add $169
Oil pan upgrade from $200
Oil system upgrade(single line external) add $489
In-line intake, carbs linkage, fuel line add $1400
Crossram carbs, linkage, etc add $1800