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Results from NHRA Midwest Nationals

The NHRA AAA Midwest nationals was a very good weekend for Muscle Motors Super Gas competitors. The inclement weather reduced Super Gas to 2 qualifying shots. Hometown racer Brian Miller qualified #1 with a 9.902 in his MM prepared 528” engine with 440-1 heads IN A full bodied 70 challenger. Unfoutunatly Brian went red in the first round. The David and Goliath story of the weekend was Scott Vandewalker. Scott definitely takes a different approach to SG racing. Not only does he use a BB Mopar, Scott uses a manual 4 sp Lenco transmission with a clutch! This is TOTALLY unheard of in “super” class racing. This was Scott first event with his new 565” BB Mopar MM engine. Scott used a series of good lights and tight packages to make it all the way to the finals. Well Scott just missed winning the event in a double breakout final.

Joe Baker qualified solidly in the Pro Mod field in 14th place. Joe used a better reaction time and a solid 5.99 to beat Brad Personett’s quicker 5.95. The Pro Mods all weekend favored the left lane. In the second round Joe had the tricky right lane. Joe made the best of it but lost with a 6.09 to Denis Radford’s quicker 6.04. After 3 races Joe is 3rd in points just 2 rounds out of first place.

All in all, a great weekend for Brian, Scott, Joe and Muscle Motors!

NHRA Midwest Nationals :: Image 1 NHRA Midwest Nationals :: Image 2

Joe Baker hits 243.50 in 5.95 at Spring Nationals

Muscle Motors wants to congratulate Joe Baker, and crew Denis and Jeremy for their strong showing in Pro Mod this past weekend at the Spring nationals in Houston Texas. Joe qualified #10 with a 5.95 @ 243.50 MPH. Joe made it to the Semi finals where he lost to the events eventual winner Danny Rowe. Joe’s strong qualifying and ability to go round has lifted Joe to 2nd in points and only 2 points out of the lead after 2 of 10 events.

Joe Baker @ 2010 Houston Spring Nationals :: Image 1

450/383 In Stock!

450”/383 based stroker engine. 4340 heat treated 3.91 stroke crankshaft, 4340 H-beam connecting rods, Forged Ross pump gas pistons, Michigan 77 bearings, Melling HV oil pump, 6 qt hemi oil pan, Comp Cams custom ground hydraulic cam & lifters, Mopar Performance “452 aluminum heads”. Basically these are Edelbrock Performer RPM heads with straight spark plugs instead of angled. These straight plugs are perfect for use with exhaust manifolds or headers. Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, Double roller timing chain, Fel Pro gaskets, ARP fasteners, a new OEM appearing vibration dampner< Mopar Performance heavy duty non adjustable rockers, Comp Cams heavy duty pushrods and Chrome Moroso valve covers.

The block has been race prepped: bored and honed w/deck plate, align honed, parallel decks, new cam bearing and brass freeze plus installed. The engine was professionally assembled and it comes w/build sheet. The engine has also been run on the dyno to break in the cam and tuned for optimum power, dyno sheets provided. Engine is complete from intake to oil pan. Distributor, water/fuel pumps, and carburetor are available at an additional cost.

This engine made 474 HP and 543 torque. It has a cam design for power brakes and makes 12” of vacuum @ 900 RPM. This is a small cubic inch version of our Street Killer Krate.

Normally $7869 (with dyno test and custom cam)

Only one available @ $7200


493/440 SOLD OUT!

450/383 In Stock!493”/440 based stroker engine. 4340 heat treated 4.15 stroke crankshaft, 4340 H-beam connecting rods, Forged Diamond pump gas pistons, Michigan 77 bearings, Melling HV oil pump, 6 qt hemi oil pan, Comp Cams Hydraulic cam & lifters, ported aluminum heads with stock exhaust port location and stock intake port window, Gasket matched Edelbrock Torquer 2 intake for hood clearance, Double roller timing chain, 10 degree locks, retainers and spring cups, Fel Pro gaskets, ARP fastners, an SFI approved vibration dampner, 1.5 roller rockers and Chrome Moroso valve covers

The block has been race prepped: bored and honed w/deck plate, align honed, parallel decks, new cam bearing and brass freeze plus installed. The engine was professionally assembled and comes w/build sheet. The engine has also been run on the dyno to break in the cam and tuned for optimum power, dyno sheets provided. Engine is complete from intake to oil pan. Distributor, water/fuel pumps, and carb are available at an additional cost.

This engine made 577 HP and 643 torque. Basicly it is our Killer Krate with a small intake port. The heads could be made larger at a later date for more power.




2009 Engine Giveaway!You can win this engine, no purchase necessary. All you have to do is attend the Chrysler’s at Carsile event this July 09. The engine will be given away on Sunday afternoon and you must be present to win. For exact details check out the web site http://www.carlisleevents.com/ce/events/chrysler-nationals/ .

Last year we built a 505” 440 that made just over 600 HP and 660 ft/lbs of torque. For this years project we decide to do a low deck engine and tone down the power output a little do make a more docile yet still VERY strong combination. The exact output of the engine is being withheld as there maybe some sort of giveaway to who can guess how much power it made. Don’t quote me on that because details have not been finalized.

The engine: We based this year’s giveaway on a 383. We chose our Muscle Motors brand stroker kit featuring a 4.25 stroke. H-beam rods, Diamond pistons and Clevite bearings and Federal Mogul rings complete this balanced rotating assembly. Milodon supplied the ultra low profile oil pan, windage tray, HV oil pump, bronze distributor drive, and Stainless Steel valves for the heads. Comp Cams supplied the timing chain, hydraulic roller cam & lifters, valve springs, locks, retainers, seals, pushrods and 8620 Chromemoly steel rocker arms. The heads we decided to keep the “sleeper look” by using a set of Muscle Motors CNC ported 906 cylinder heads. The idea behind CNC porting a set of 906’s is maximum flow yet maintaining a OEM appearance. There are more cost effective ways to get a set of good flowing heads. The Edelbrock Performer RPM would be more cost effective but again our goal was to maintain a “sleeper” appearance. The heads are topped off with a Edelbrock Performer RPM intake and a Quick Fuel 830 cfm Super Street carb.

This 489 cubic inch 383 with 906 heads and a hydraulic roller cammed engine has a 1960’s appearance with 2000’s technology. No one will know your “383” has a Stroker rotating assembly, hydraulic roller cam, and CNC ported, unleaded compatible heads. This engine will be right at home in any Mopar engine bay. Make sure you attend the 2009 Chrysler’s at Carsile for your chance to win this engine FOR FREE!!!!!

2009 Engine giveaway Presented by:

Muscle Motors
Mopar Muscle Magazine
Carsile Events
Comp Cams
Diamond Racing Products
Federal Mogul
Quick Fuel Technology


CNC Porting

Muscle Motors now offers CNC porting for most all Mopar heads!

We have programs for Mopar Performance, Edelbrock, Indy, B1, Stage V Hemi and Predator. CNC porting assures perfect, equal ports everytime.  We have three different vendors for CNC work to assure prompt service.

Please contact us for details!

496"/383 stroker kit

NEW: 496" stroker kit for Mopar 383 block!

Do you have a 383 block and don't know what to do with it? We here at Muscle Motors have the answer. For years people have shyed away from 383 blocks because of their limited bore size. The devloping problem is that for every year that goes by, good core 440 and 400 blocks are getting harder to find. This has led to the devlopment of the 496/383 kit.  This kit features a 4340 steel, 4.250 stroke crank with 2.200 rod journals. 6.535 long 4340 steel H-beam rods and dished pistons for pump gas compression. The kit comes complete with chamfered Michigan 77 bearings and Childs and Albert piston rings. All rods are checked for size and concentricity and bearing journals are checked for size. The kit is internally balanced and ready to insall when you recieve it.

Milodon Oil Pans

New Milodon Oil Pans!

Milodon has released three new oil pans for Mopars. For Small blocks there is the new low profile pan. It is a 7 qt systen and is 7 3/4" deep versus the tradional Milodon pan that is 8 3/4" deep. The 318/340 pan is #30936. The 360 # is 30941

For big blocks the is the new 30931 pan. This is a new version of the tradional 30930 pan except it has a right angle edge on the drivers side and a hole for an external static oil pick up.

The third new pan is the 31151. This a a traditional dragster or box style oil pan except it is notched in the front to clear an aftermarket style crossmember. These pans are designed for dual line swinging oil systems and will NOT work with standard center link steering. The 31151 is designed for use with front mounted rack and pinion steering only

Indy Trade Show

Come to the Indy Trade Show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds March 4th & 5th. We will have various Show specials and we will be debuting our latest Rotating kit. A 496" stroker for a 383 Mopar block. Also come by and pick up the latest in Muscle Motors T-shirts and sweatshirts.

Piston Sale!

Over the past 20 years we have acquired over 35 sets of canceled, mis-ordered or incorrect custom forged pistons. Rather than list them I have made a spread sheet of these pistons with bore size, wrist pin, ring package and head configuration. I have piston for small and big block as well as Hemi. All sets are $250 a set, first come first serve.

Mike @ MMR

Click here for printer friendly version!

New Product Release!

dsc03949-t.jpgdsc03962-t.jpgMuscle Motors is proud to introduce our latest product for the Mopar racer. If you have ever tried to transport an expensive race crankshaft you know difficult it can be. Good crank boxes will only last so long and are hard to come by. To resolve this problem we now have injected molded plastic crank boxes. They come with rubber inserts for the main journal to prevent damage in transport. They also have metal inserts that accept a 3/8 cap screw so you can securely attach the top and bottom pieces. These boxes will work with big and small block crankshafts and we have sent cranks back and forth across the country a number of times in the same box with ZERO issues. Our introductory sale price is $49.95. Boxes are in stock and we will also have them at the Indy trade show March 7th & 8th. If you have any questions please call us @ 888 482 4900. 


If you purchase one of our stroker kits you can purchase a crank box for shipping for an additional $40 dollars!!


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