SB Killer Krate

Small Block Killer Krate

The SB Killer Krate is an awesome pump gas monster guaranteed to surprise any unsuspecting big block.  These combinations regularly make over 500 HP and 525 ft-lbs of torque with a hydraulic cam & pump gas.  That’s big block power out of a small block.

We still follow our concept of not needing trick components, just well thought out and executed combinations with quality parts and machining.

We start with our 408/360 stroker kit. This includes forged pistons, 4” stroke 4340 steel crank, Akerly & Childs rings, and Michigan 77 bearings.  Components are carefully measured, machined and balanced to create a bulletproof rotating assembly. A well-seasoned block is then carefully inspected and fully machined. All critical surfaces are inspected to ensure they meet Muscle Motors specifications to provide maximum performance and reliability. The block is bored and honed with deck plates, ARP main studs are installed before align honing.  Oil galleys are enlarged, and lastly, parallel decking keeps everything sealed and running smoothly. Finally, the short block is washed and prepped for final assembly.  All clearances are verified, ring gaps set, crank rods and pistons installed and cam center lined.  This  makes sure every Muscle Motors Krate is a Killer! Fel Pro gaskets are used throughout the entire engine. The short block is completed with an oil pan, pick up tube, high volume oil pump, timing cover, distributor drive by Mopar Performance and a new vibration damper.

For the top half we start with Muscle Motors aluminum cylinder heads. These aluminum heads are great because of their light weight, adaptable to stock components and have a superior to stock  port design. We then disassemble the heads and increase the flow capability by treating them to our CNC porting program.  A competition valve job is applied to guarantee maximum flow and sealing. The heads are matched with a Performer RPM Air Gap dual plane intake for maximum drivability and performance.  Roller rocker arms and chrome moly pushrods make sure the Comp Cams camshaft valve events occur correctly.  Cast aluminum valve covers keep everything nice and clean.

One of the great things about the 408/360 Killer Krate is if you have a car that already has a small block and you want to make a big performance increase, you can do so WITHOUT converting to a big block.  Better handling and braking are a given when you have 150-200 lbs LESS weight on the front end.  This will also save you the cost of not having to convert motor mounts, transmissions, exhaust, etc.

The entire Killer Krate engine series was designed for pump gas power. Big power, low maintenance and the reliability you have come to expect from Muscle Motors. SB Killer Krates can be built to suit any specific needs. (turbo, blower, whatever).  Assembled engines start @ $9,999!!  Accessories and dyno test and tune are available at an additional cost.