SB Stroker Short Block

Small Block Stroker Short Block

Stock 360 blocks are jet washed and then magnafluxed to ensure we are starting with a good core block.  We then sonic check all core blocks to make sure they have adequate cylinder wall thickness.  Blocks with excessive core shift or thin cylinder walls are scrapped.  Good cores then have all casting flash removed and we enlarge oil galleys that feed the main bearings.  ARP main studs are installed and the main bores are align honed.  We then bore and hone the cylinders with deck plates to the first acceptable bore size (usually +0.030).  Blocks are then measured and the deck surfaces are parallel decked.  The cam bearing bores are measured and honed to proper size for a perfect cam fit every time.  Blocks are then final washed and cam bearings and brass freeze plugs are installed.

Rod and piston wrist pin sizing is checked and the rods are hung on the pistons.  Ring end gaps are measured and filed for proper end gaps.  Rod and main bearing sizing is checked on the balanced rotating assembly and the short block is then assembled.  Information is recorded on a build sheet that is supplied with each block.

The small block “Street” rotating assembly includes: Cast SCAT 4” stroke crank, 6.123 long forged I-beam connecting rods w/bronze wrist pin bushings, Keith Black hypereutectic pistons, Michigan 77 rods and full groove main bearings, Speed Pro plasma moly piston rings.  The rotating assembly is then internally balanced to a tolerance of less than one gram.

390 cubic inch race prepped 318 blocks with a Street rotating assembly are $3899 (recommended HP level up to 500 HP).

408 cubic inch race prepped 360 blocks with a Street rotating assembly are $3699 (recommended HP level up to 500 HP).


Core 340 block Add $500
360 block with forged pistons Add $300
340 block with forged pistons Add $700

Bracket Rotating assembly consists of the following (500-800 HP): 4340 steel crank, 4340 steel H beam rods, forged Keith Black pistons, “H” series race bearings, additional grinding required, internally balanced.

408 cubic inch 360 race prepped block with Bracket rotating assembly $4499


4 bolt main caps (center 3 main caps) Add $750
Bush lifter bores (required with solid roller cam) Add $600
Grind stock block valley area to fit roller lifters/tie bars Add $150
Upgrade to Ross shelf piston Add $150
Upgrade to Diamond shelf piston Add $200
Upgrade to Ross custom piston Add $375
Upgrade to Diamond custom piston Add $450

340 core block Add $500