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400 Kits

400/451”: 3.75 stroke x 6.76 rod, 4.375 bore 1.320 CH piston.

One of the original stroker kits for big block Mopars. These kits are noting more than a 440 built with a really light piston. 3.75 x 6.76 (440 stroke and rod) but because the block is 3/4”shorter, the piston is ¾” shorter and literally ½ the weight. We use a new 4340 crank an rods with your choice of forged pistons. Rings, bearings and balancing included.

Only: $1999

400/470”: 3.91 stroke x 6.700 rod, 4.375 bore 1.320 CH piston.

This is one of those kits that works better than it should. When using stock port window cylinder heads (factory, Edelrock RPM, Stage VI) this is the PERFECT combination. Good amout of cubes, super lite weight rotating assembly, great rod ratio, just a dynamite combo.

Only: $1999

400/511”: 4.25 stroke x 6.535 rod, 4.375 bore 1.320 CH piston

My personal favorite combo for competition. These kits work really well with bigger port heads such as 440-1’s or B1’s. In a 400 block I don’t build anything bigger because there just isn’t any point in a stock block! This combo has a piston with a 1.320 compression height. What that all means is that it stops the piston at zero deck on an unmachined block. We charge an additional $100 to mill to tops of the pistons down (before balancing) to make sure you don’t end up with a positive deck piston or not enough piston to head clearance.

Only: $2099