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Small Block Stroker Kit

Small Block Stroker Kits

Street Kit 408”-416”

This is the kit we build our SB Street Krate engine with.  We start with a cast Eagle 4” stroker crank, 6.123 long forged I-beam connecting rods w/bronze wrist pin bushings, Keith Black Hypereutectic pistons, Michigan 77 rod and full groove main bearings, and  plasma moly piston rings,  The rotating assembly is then balanced to a tolerance of less than one gram. This kit is recommended for applications under 500 HP. 340 and 360 blocks only. Available in 4.030, 4.040, 4.060, 4.070

Only: $1199

Forged pistons available for 318, 340 and 360. Bores sizes available up to 4.080

Additional: $175

Performance Kit 390”- 416”

Hot Street or Bracket Rotating assembly (500 HP-800 HP)  4340 steel 4” stroker crankshaft, 6.123 4340 H beam rod w/7/16 ARP bolts and .984 wrist pins, forged Keith Black pistons, “H” series race bearings, file to fit plasma moly rings, Competition  internal balance. Available in pump or race gas compression for 318, 340 or 360 blocks in bores ranging from 4.030 to 4.080. 318: .030, .040 & .060

Only: $2099

Competition Kit 408”- 470”

We use this kit in higher RPM combinations (over 7000 RPM’s) or in nitrous and or ProCharged applications. This particular crank has a 2.100 rod journal for a great selection of bearings. The kit includes  4340 Callies Compstar 4” stroke crankshaft (340 main size ONLY!).  6.300 long 4340 H beam connection rods, Custom Ross pistons (any configuration) chamfered bearings, file to fit plasma moly rings, competition balanced, ready to install.

Only: $2999

Upgrade kit to 4.250 stroke forged Compstar crankshaft (requires oil pump modification to clear additional stroke) this will easily build 470”engine.

Additional: $500*

*Mopar Performance block capable of 4.185 cylinder bore required